“It's not just about whether the product looks good… It is also about the experience with the product.”

I am a productive UI/UX designer who has worked with stakeholders, product owners and developers. Many people believe design is about adding elements to a product which I believe to be untrue. Design is capturing and interacting with the audience’s attention. It is the emotion that allows the user to use your product with ease and efficiency.

I have worked in design for many years which has led to my experience of various roles working on different projects. Initially, my focus was on design with how products needed to look. Now, I have gained valuable knowledge of understanding the reasons behind why design needs to have functionality. My perspective has now become not just about design but usability too.

Understanding the importance of aesthetics is also knowing the importance of having a better experience with the product. Making sure users are able to understand and use products with ease is at the uppermost importance in delivery. UI/UX has become a vivid part of the process which needs to be addressed. So, we can help guide users through their journeys leading them to make faster decisions. Having a great experience for a product leads to having a returning user which shows your product is doing what it needs to.


Here's what some clients think of my work...

  • Jas has a great passion for design. He is dedicated to producing excellent designs. A great individual who is excited by design. A great team member to have in any team.

    Simon H - Head of Digital, Carpetright
  • Design, Design & more Design, that's what Jas is all about. He understands exactly what your needs are. Also a great guy to work with!

    John G - UX Consultant.
  • The ability to understand the needs of a client is important. Jas showed great understanding of our product and helped make exceptional design decisions.

    Karen P - Head of Design, Reed.co.uk.
  • Jas helped us build our brand from the bottom and set us apart from other competitiors in our field. He is a great individual who works hard to achieve the best in design.

    Amy H. Ashton Reeves - Branch Manager.

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